eazypay FAQs- Payers
We at ICICI Bank aim to address all your queries related to eazypay. Please click on any of the section links below where you may be having queries.
A. General queries related to usage of eazypay
What are the various features of eazypay? How is it different from the existing bill payments module offered by ICICI Bank?
eazypay is a new product offered to you by ICICI Bank, separate from the existing bill payments module you have been using, and aims to enhance your payment experience.
Features of eazypay:
  • You need not be an ICICI Bank customer to make these instantaneous payments.
  • You will be able to make payments to billers who may not be currently having an online bill payment option.These billers include smaller billers like schools and cooperative societies among others. Exhaustive list of billers is available on login.
What are the pre-requisites for availing the services of eazypay?
I have multiple Mobile Numbers registered with my biller. Which one should I use to access eazypay?
How do I start using eazypay to pay my bills?
What are the charges for making the payments through eazypay?
Can I make foreign currency payments through eazypay module?
What are the different biller categories available to me under eazypay?
B. Searching for my biller
How do I search for the billers to check whether they are available on the eazypay portal or not?
ICICI Bank offers you three options to search for the biller on the eazypay portal.
  • Search by Mobile Number:
    You can begin by entering your 10-digit Mobile no by selecting appropriate radio button. On clicking submit, a One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent as an SMS to your Mobile Number and you will be asked to enter the same on the screen. On successful validation, you will be displayed a list of all pending bills of all the billers who have your Mobile Number registered with them. You can then select �Pay� to proceed ahead with the payment.

  • Search by biller:
    You can use this option if you are aware of exact biller name to look for. Here, you can directly start typing the biller name. If the biller is active on eazypay, it will get auto-populated on the screen. You will then be prompted to enter some mandatory details and your mobile number, depending upon the biller and its category. On entering them, an OTP validation will happen, similar to the one described above, and a list of all pending bills against the mandatory fields entered by you will be displayed on the screen. You can then select “Pay” to proceed ahead with the payment.

  • Advanced Search:
    You can use the option in cases where you are unsure of the exact biller name and your mobile number is not registered with the biller. Here you can search for the biller using the drop-down provided such as whether the biller is All India type biller or one for a specific state->city combination and then select the appropriate biller. The process after that would be similar to the one described above.
I entered my Mobile Number correctly but didn�t receive the OTP?
I used the �Search by biller� and �Advanced search�. The Mobile Number appearing in the bill entries is not the one I entered for OTP validation?
What is the minimum amount for which we can upload bill? Are there any other restrictions?
The minimum amount acceptable in eazypay is XX. Thisamount check will be done at the time of bill upload and records with amounts less than minimum amount will not be uploaded. The bill amount needs to be in rupees only. If a row contains any amount in decimals, the same will be rounded off to the higher integer.
Can we change the amount limits applicable for bill uploads.
Can we upload bills on our site and use eazypay only as a payment gateway?
We have an integration with a third party for facilitating payments. How will we be able to use eazypay for payments?
You will be able to facilitate payments through eazypay portal for various payment modes which are not available with the third party. You may choose the option of bill file upload/ online authorization to facilitate payments through eazypay.
What are the security and encryption standards maintained by eazypay? What are the requirements for technical integration of my portal with eazypay?
Are there any limits on the amount collected by any merchant for any billing cycle?
When will our account get credited for all successful payments?
What is the cut off time for credit to our account on the same day after credit to eazypay settlement account?
How will late payments be handled by eazypay?
Who should we contact for specific queries regarding transactions?
We have received double payments for a bill, one from eazypay and other from an auto-debit mandate set by a bank. Why?
C. Viewing my bills
My biller is available on the portal, but I am not able to see my record even after entering all my details correctly.
It may be because of any of the below reasons:
  • Your details are not available or not updated correctly at the biller's end.

  • Biller has not updated your record in current bill cycle.

  • You have paid the bill through other sources.
    You need to check directly with your biller for all of the above cases.

  • You have paid on eazypay- For such cases, you can check for the bill payment details under transaction status tab.
D. Paying my bills
What are the payment options available to me to facilitate the payment?
We are offering the following modes of payments to our customers:
  • Net Banking (Real time: ICICI Bank + other bank�s net banking channel)
  • Credit Cards (Online mode- Real time payment)
  • Debit Cards (Online mode-Real time payment)
  • IMPS (Online mode-Real time payment)
  • NEFT (Online+Offline mode)
  • RTGS (Online+Offline mode)
  • Cash (Offline Mode at ICICI Bank branches)
  • Cheque/DD (Offline mode at ICICI Bank branches- ICICI Bank+ other banks cheques)

Your biller may have opted for only some of the modes. The entire list of modes available for any biller can be seen in the left hand side menu of the payment option page while making a bill payment for that biller.
How do I facilitate payments through various payment modes? What are various restrictions against each one of them?
Can I do part payment?
I am unable to enter the amount in paise in the editable field provided in my bill?
For cheque payments, where can I submit it for further processing?
From where will I get the reference number of the transaction?
I made an RTGS/NEFT/IMPS payment, but by mistake entered a wrong Virtual Account Number (VAN). What will happen to my payment?
I have set an auto debit mandate for a bill payment through my bank (ICICI Bank or other Bank). What will happen if I mistakenly pay the bill through eazypay?
Will I get any alerts regarding the payments done by me?
E. Viewing the status of my payments
How can I know the status of my payments?
You can check for the status of the transaction in the Transaction Status link provided in the eazypay module. To use the module, validation through OTP is mandatory as described earlier. Following are the various transaction status messages available in eazypay:
  • Pending- Transaction towards the bill payment has been rejected and needs to be re-initiated. Reasons for rejection could be session timeout, insufficient funds, validation not completed, transaction cancelled by the user midway, etc.)
  • Paid- Payment has been successfully done against the bill.
  • Challan generated- An offline payment mode has been selected for making the payment and a suitable challan is available for download / printing. The customer has yet to complete the payment / payment is under clearing in case of modes like cheque/DD, etc.
Till what period are these transaction statuses available?
When will I know the bill has been paid? How can I get the receipt for payments made?
I faced some issue during online payment. How can I know the status of the transaction?
My transaction status is showing as failed. What is the reason for the same?
F. Getting refunds
How and when will I receive the refund?
In case of failure of transactions done on eazypay portal, the amount will be refunded to your account post processing of the transaction by the bank. You can use the transaction ID for any communication with the bank with regards to the processing of refund.
I had made the payment before due date, but late payment interest charge has been applied by the biller in the current cycle.
I have been wrongly charged for the amount showing up in the bill displayed on the eazypay portal?
G. Cancelling my transactions
I generated the challan using �Cash� as a payment mode, but now would like to cancel this mode and complete the payment using cheque. Can I change the mode?
If you want to change a particular mode, you need to cancel the challan and re-initiate the payment.
How can I cancel and re-initiate the transaction?
Can I cancel any payment already completed?